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2016 Volume 14 | Number 1

Volume 14

Education Provision to Every One: Comparing Perspectives from Around the World


Number 1


ISSN 1314-4693

ISBN 978-954-92908-9-9


Popov, N., Wolhuter, C., Kalin, J., Hilton, G., Ogunleye, J., Niemczyk, E. (Eds.)

Quire format 70x100/16, Printed quires 21

Book size B5–ISO (17x24 cm)

Paperback, 336 pages

Published by BCES

Printed by Investpress

Sofia, Bulgaria

May 2016


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Nikolay Popov

Bulgarian Comparative Education Society: 25 Years of Being International / 9



Lynette Jacobs

Education Provision to Everyone: Comparing Perspectives from Around the World / 11


Part 1: Comparative Education & History of Education


Charl Wolhuter

Jullien: Founding Father of Comparative and International Education Still Pointing the Way / 19


Teodora Genova & Nikolay Popov

Presentation of Marc-Antoine Jullien’s Work in Bulgarian Comparative Education Textbooks / 25


Ferdinand J Potgieter

“Teach Your Children Well”: Arguing in Favor of Pedagogically Justifiable Hospitality Education / 30


Johannes L van der Walt

Theory for Explaining and Comparing the Dynamics of Education in Transitional Processes / 37


Teodora Genova

Nordic Internationalists’ Contribution to the Field of Comparative and International Education / 43


Karen L. Biraimah

International Research Partners: The Challenges of Developing an Equitable Partnership between Universities in the Global North and South / 51


Lynette Jacobs, Ernst Stals & Lieve Leroy

Providing Books to Rural Schools through Mobile Libraries / 58


Juliana Smith & Agnetha Arendse

South African Curriculum Reform: Education for Active Citizenship / 65


Marco Aurelio Navarro

Universities Response to Oil and Gas Industry Demands in South Texas (USA) and Tamaulipas (Mexico) / 73


Marco Aurelio Navarro & Ruth Roux

Goals That Melt Away. Higher Education Provision in Mexico / 79


Marzanna Pogorzelska & Susan Yelich Biniecki

How the Issue of Unemployment and the Unemployed Is Treated in Adult Education Literature within Polish and U.S. Contexts / 84


Mirian Inés Capelari

Contribuciones de un Modelo Multiniveles para el Análisis Comparado de Impactos de Políticas Educativas en la Educación Superior / 91


Amelia Molina García & José Luis Horacio Andrade Lara

Internationalization, Globalization and Relationship Networks as an Epistemological Framework Based on Comparative Studies in Education / 98


Part 2: Pre-service and In-service Teacher Training & Learning and Teaching Styles


Jana Kalin & Barbara Šteh

The Goals and Conditions of Qualitative Collaboration between Elementary Schools and Community – a Challenge for the Professional Development / 105


André du Plessis

South African Heads of Department on Their Role in Teacher Development: Unexpected Patterns in an Unequal System / 113


Marlena Plavšić & Marina Diković

Do Teachers, Students and Parents Agree about the Top Five Good Teacher’s Characteristics? / 120


Gordana Djigić, Snežana Stojiljković & Andrijana Marković

Personality Traits and Learning Styles of Secondary School Students in Serbia / 127


Part 3: Education Policy, Reforms & School Leadership


Gillian Hilton

Routes into Teaching: Does Variety Aid Recruitment or Merely Cause Confusion? A Study of Three Different Programmes for Teacher Training in England / 135


Corene de Wet

The Status of Teaching as a Profession in South Africa / 143


Renata Čepić & Marijeta Mašić

Initial and Continuing Professional Development of Adult Educators from an Educational - Policy Perspective: Rethinking from Croatia / 150


Claudio-Rafael Vasquez-Martinez, Felipe Gonzalez-Gonzalez, Jose-Gerardo Cardona-Toro, María-Guadalupe Díaz-Renteria, Maria-Ines Alvarez, Hector Rendon, Isabel Valero, Maria Morfin, Miguel Alvarez

Educational Reform from the Perspective of the Student / 157


Nylon Ramodikoe Marishane

Leadership and Context Connectivity: Merging Two Forces for Sustainable School Improvement / 163


Vimbi P. Mahlangu

Approaches to In-servicing Training of Teachers in Primary Schools in South Africa / 170


Bo-Ruey Huang

Social Justice and Capacity for Self-development in Educational Systems in European Union / 177


Yu-Fei Liu

Social Justice and Capacity for Self-Development in Educational System in Japan / 183


Graciela Amira Medecigo Shej

Emotions in Education Generated by Migration / 190


Part 4: Higher Education, Lifelong Learning & Social Inclusion


Everard Weber

An Ambivalent Community: International African Students in Residence at a South African University / 193


Sibel Burçer & Ilze Kangro

Internationalization of Higher Education Institutions in Latvia and Turkey: Its Management and Development during the Last Decade / 200


Petya Ilieva-Trichkova

Lifelong Learning: Capabilities and Aspirations / 207


Amanda S. Potgieter

Where Have All the Teachers Gone: A Case Study in Transitioning / 213


Alberto G. Canen, Iara Tammela & Diogo Cevolani Camatta

An Overview of Engineering Courses in Brazil: Actual Challenges / 219


Rejane P. Costa & Ana Ivenicki

Multiculturalism and Peace Studies for Education Provision in Time of Diverse Democracies / 226


Ewa Sowa-Behtane

Social Inclusion of Foreigners in Poland / 233


Maria Dishkova

An Autistic Child Would Like to Say “Hello” / 240


Momodou M Willan

Research Approaches for Higher Education Students: A Personal Experience / 247


Gordana Stankovska, Slagana Angelkovska & Svetlana Pandiloska Grncarovska

Social Networks Use, Loneliness and Academic Performance among University Students / 255


Slagana Angelkoska, Gordana Stankovska & Dimitar Dimitrovski

The Personal Characteristics Predictors of Academic Success / 262


Part 5: Law and Education: Legislation and Inclusive Education, Child Protection & Human Rights Education


Elizabeth Achinewhu-Nworgu & Queen Chioma Nworgu

An Exploration of the Wider Costs of the Decision by the Rivers State Government in Nigeria to Revoke International Students’ Scholarships / 269


Elizabeth Achinewhu-Nworgu, Steve Azaiki, Shade Babalola & Chinuru Achinewhu

Strategies for Improving the Employability Skills and Life Chances of Youths in Nigeria / 276


Elizabeth Achinewhu-Nworgu, Steve Azaiki & Queen Chioma Nworgu

Examining the Role, Values, and Legal Policy Issues Facing Public Library Resources in Supporting Students to Achieve Academic Success / 283


Gorazd Sotosek

Peer Exclusion at Physical Education / 290


Johan Beckmann

Exclusion and Education in South Africa: An Education Law Perspective of Emerging Alternative Understandings of Exclusion / 295


Anna Czyż

Educational and Social Inclusion of Handicapped Children. Polish Experiences / 303


Part 6: Research Education: Developing Globally Competent Researchers for International and Interdisciplinary Research


Johannes L van der Walt

Observations about Research Methodology during 15 Years of Presenting Capacity-Building Seminars / 311


Anna Mankowska

Using a Play-Based Methodology in Qualitative Research: A Case of Using Social Board to Examine School Climate / 317




Marzanna Pogorzelska

Project-Based Learning in Polish-American Comparative Perspective / 324


Juliana Smith

Teaching and Researching Intervention and Facilitation in a Process of Self-reflection: Scrutinity of an Action Research Process / 324


Ayşe Duran

Investigating Perceptions of Male Students in Early Childhood Education Program on Learning Experiences / 325


Emine Gumus & Mehmet Sukru Bellibas

Teacher Professional Development and Student Achievement in Turkey: Evidence from TIMSS 2011 / 325


Yehuda Bar Shalom & Amira Bar Shalom

The Usage of CBT and Ayeka Approach at the Kedma School / 326


Mehmet Sukru Bellibas & Sedat Gumus

Factors Affecting Turkish Teachers’ Use of ICT for Teaching: Evidence from ICILS 2013 / 327


James Ogunleye

Application of Big Data Predictive Analytics in Higher Education / 328


David Chapman, Sigrid Hutcheson, Chang Da Wan, Molly Lee, Ann Austin, Ahmad Nurulazam

The Pursuit of Excellence in Malaysian Higher Education: Consequences for the Academic Workplace / 328


Pepka Boyadjieva & Petya Ilieva-Trichkova

Challenging the Value and Missions of Higher Education: New Forms of Philanthropy and Giving / 329


Jinmin Yu & Hong Zhu

The Effects of Major-changing between Undergraduates and Postgraduates on the Major Development of Postgraduates / 330


Ewelina Kinga Niemczyk

Spotlight on Canadian Research Education: Access of Doctoral Students to Research Assistantships / 331


JP Rossouw & MC Rossouw

Regulation or Freedom? Considering the Role of the Law in Study Supervision / 331


Gertrude Shotte

The Subjectivity-Objectivity Battle in Research / 332


Margarita Stoytcheva & Roumen Zlatev

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Teaching Chemistry: Electrochemical Biosensors Case Study / 333


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