2017 Volume 15

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2017 Volume 15

Volume 15

Current Business and Economics Driven Discourse and Education: Perspectives from Around the World

ISSN 1314-4693 (print)

ISSN 2534-8426 (online)

ISBN 978-619-7326-00-0 (print)

ISBN 978-619-7326-01-7 (online)

Popov, N., Wolhuter, C., Kalin, J., Hilton, G.,

Ogunleye, J., Niemczyk, E., Chigisheva, O. (Eds.)

Quire format 70x100/16, Printed quires 18

Book size B5–ISO (17x24 cm)

Paperback, 286 pages

Published by BCES

Printed by Investpress

Sofia, Bulgaria

May 2017

Published online: 20 May 2017

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BCES: A Fifteen-Year Conference Tradition / 9


Johannes L van der Walt

The Current Business and Economics Driven Discourse and Education: Perspectives from Around the World / 10

Part 1: Comparative Education & History of Education

Charl Wolhuter

Economics and Comparative and International Education: Past, Present, Future / 17

Johannes L van der Walt

Spontaneous Responses to Neoliberalism, and their Significance for Education / 24

Harold D. Herman

Affirmative Action in Education and Black Economic Empowerment in the Workplace in South Africa since 1994: Policies, Strengths and Limitations / 31

Marco Aurelio Navarro Leal

Commodity versus Common Good: Internationalization in Latin-American Higher Education / 39

Obed Mfum-Mensah

Education and Communities at the “Margins”: The Contradictions of Western Education for Islamic Communities in Sub-Saharan Africa / 45

Octaviano García Robelo & Ileana Casasola Pérez

Resilience and Intercultural Education on Secondary School: A Comparative Study in Mexico and Germany / 52

Part 2: Teacher Education

Jana Kalin, Renata Čepić & Barbara Šteh

Status of Teachers and the Teaching Profession: A Study of Elementary School Teachers’ Perspectives / 59

Bruno Leutwyler, Nikolay Popov & Charl Wolhuter

The Internationalization of Teacher Education: Different Contexts, Similar Challenges / 66

Part 3: Education Policy, Reforms & School Leadership

Gillian L. S. Hilton

Disappearing Teachers: An Exploration of a Variety of Views as to the Causes of the Problems Affecting Teacher Recruitment and Retention in England / 79

Gillian L. S. Hilton

Government Policy in England on the Financing of ITT: Value for Money or a Waste of Resources? / 86

Nicholas Sun-keung Pang & Zhuang Miao

The Roles of Teacher Leadership in Shanghai Education Success / 93

Peter L. Schneller

Capitalism and Public Education in the United States / 101

Rita Kiselova & Aija Gravite

STEM Education Policies and their Impact on the Labour Market in Latvia / 108

Corene De Wet

Reading Partridge’s ‘The Goblet Club’ as an Integral Part of a Secondary School’s Anti-bullying Programme / 115

Vimbi Petrus Mahlangu

Implementation of School Uniform Policy and the Violation of Students’ Human Rights in Schools / 122

Amelia Molina García, José Antonio Sáenz Melo & José Luis H. Andrade Lara

Influence of International Organisms in the School Management Autonomy as an Education Policy / 129

Claudio-Rafael Vasquez-Martinez, Felipe González-Gonzalez, Francisco Flores, Josefina Díaz, Jose-Gerardo Cardona-T., Hector Rendon, Jorge Chavoya, Sandra-Milena Gutiérrez-Cardenas, María-Ines Álvarez, Joaquín Torres-Mata, Erik-Moises Betancourt-Nuñez, María Morfín, Miguel Álvarez, Carlos Anguiano

The Reorganisation of the Curriculum in Educational Cycles in Codema College: A Positive Step / 137

Part 4: Higher Education, Lifelong Learning & Social Inclusion

Sharon Thabo Mampane

Training Middle Managers of South African Public Schools in Leadership and Management Skills / 143

Hanna Kim

The Higher Education Policy of Global Experts Recruitment Program: Focused on China / 151

Gordana Stankovska, Slagana Angelkoska, Fadbi Osmani & Svetlana Pandiloska Grncarovska

Job Motivation and Job Satisfaction among Academic Staff in Higher Education / 159

Octaviano García Robelo, Jorge Hernández Márquez & Ileana Casasola Pérez

Comparative Analysis of English Language Student’s School Paths at a Mexico University / 167

Part 5: Law and Education

Elizabeth Achinewhu-Nworgu

Integrating Art and Creative Practices into a Programme of Support for Nigerian Students Studying in UK Higher Education Institutions / 173

Elizabeth Achinewhu-Nworgu

Comparing Student Retention in a Public and a Private College: Implications for Tackling Inequality in Education / 181

Vimbi Petrus Mahlangu

Legal Understanding of Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment in Schools / 188

Part 6: Research Education

Lynette Jacobs

Burke’s Dramatism Framework: A Lens to Analyse Bullying / 195

Juliana Smith & Rosalie Small

Is It Necessary to Articulate a Research Methodology When Reporting on Theoretical Research? / 202

Anna Czyż

Early Support Development of Children with Disorders of the Biopsychosocial Functioning in Poland / 209

Part 7: Educational Development Strategies in Different Countries and Regions of the World: National, Regional and Global Levels

Oksana Chigisheva, Anna Bondarenko & Elena Soltovets

Analytical Overview of the European and Russian Qualifications Frameworks with a Focus on Doctoral Degree Level / 217

Tatiana Korsakova & Mikhail Korsakov

Tutor System as a Source of Harmonizing the Educational System with the Needs of Economics / 224

Elena Kirillova, Boris Kuznetsov, Vasiliy Aleshin & Evgeniy Vodolazhskiy

Psychological Counseling Services in the Universities of Russia and the West / 231

Svetlana Melnikova & Ludmila Petrenko

Experience of Teaching Drawing in German Schools by A. Ažbe and S. Hollósy (on the Example of the Image of Human Head) / 239

Intra Lūce

Short Cycle Higher Education Development in Latvia / 245

Sergey Glushkov

Peculiarities of Teaching Medical Informatics and Statistics / 252

Irina Bobyleva & Olga Zavodilkina

The Role of Social Practice for the Development of Educational and Professional Standards / 257

Part 8: Key Directions and Characteristics of Research Organization in the Contemporary World

Galina Zashchitina & Natalia Moysyak

Some Aspects of Developing Background Knowledge in Second Language Acquisition Revisited / 265

Lyudmila Dyshaeva

On the Theoretical and Practical Consistency of Neoclassicism as a Theoretical Platform of Economic Disciplines / 271

Anna Serebrennikova & Yekaterina Mashkova

Terrorism as a Social and Legal Phenomenon / 277

List of Contributors / 284

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