2018 Volume 16

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2018 Volume 16

Volume 16

Education in Modern Society


ISSN 1314-4693 (print)

ISSN 2534-8426 (online)

ISBN 978-619-7326-02-4 (print)

ISBN 978-619-7326-03-1 (online)


Popov, N., Wolhuter, C., Smith, J. M., Hilton, G.,

Ogunleye, J., Achinewhu-Nworgu, E., Niemczyk, E. (Eds)


Quire format 70x100/16, Printed quires 14

Book size B5–ISO (17x24 cm)

Paperback, 224 pages

Published by BCES

Printed by Investpress

Sofia, Bulgaria

May 2018


Published online: 15 May 2018


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Modern in the 2018 BCES Conference / 9



Hennie Steyn, Deon Vos & Louw de Beer

Education in Modern Society / 10


Part 1: Comparative and International Education & History of Education


Charl Wolhuter

Modern as Contested Concept in Comparative and International Education / 19


Johannes L van der Walt

The Birth of a “New” Theory of Education and Its Application in Comparative Education Studies / 25


Ferdinand J Potgieter

“CHAT”-ting up Anatheism in Search of Authentic and Credible Religious Memories / 31


Lynette Jacobs

Reflecting on a University Partnership Project in Underprivileged South African Schools / 38


Agnetha Arendse & Juliana Smith

Economic Transformation and Emancipation through Active Citizenship Education / 45


Peter L. Schneller, Jenna Kennedy, Jessica Kennedy & Zackery Metz

The Road to Recovery from Alcoholism and Addiction: Retribution or Restoration? / 52


Ricardo Lozano & Joanne Antrim

Nationality and Culture as Factors Influencing Creativity Levels in Candidate Teachers: A Comparative Study between the United States and Turkey / 59


Marco Aurelio Navarro-Leal & Juan Manuel Salinas-Escandón

Teachers and Education for Global Citizenship in a Mexican University / 68


Mashraky Mustary

Comparative Analysis of Educational Systems in Japan and Bangladesh / 73


Makhabbat Kenzhegaliyeva

German Dual System: A Model for Kazakhstan? / 80


John Ieronimakis & Aggeliki Efstathopoulou

Greek Language Education in Egypt: An Example in the Field of International Education / 85


Part 2: Teacher Education


Juliana Maria Smith

Challenges and Opportunities of Professional Development in Teacher Education at a South African University in a Pre- and Post-Democratic Era / 92


Jean Simon & Laura Henriette

Analysis of the Activity of Preservice Teachers and Trainers on an ePortfolio Platform / 99


Part 3: Education Policy, Reforms & School Leadership


Gillian L. S. Hilton

Thinking ‘Outside of the Box’ in Modern Education Systems: Working across Cultural and Language Boundaries with Student Teachers in Lithuania / 105


Erika Kruger

A Grounded Theory of ECD Principals’ Self-Care and Workplace Wellness-Promotion Practices / 112


Rimantas Želvys, Dovilė Stumbrienė & Audronė Jakaitienė

Re-Contextualization of Effectiveness and Efficiency in Post-Socialist Education / 119


Neli Koleva & Maya Stoyanova-Warner

‘A New Way for New Talents in Teaching’ or the Impact of Targeted Recruitment, Rigorous Selection, Innovative Training, and Ongoing Professional Support on Beginner Teachers’ Performance / 125


Claudio-Rafael Vasquez-Martinez, Felipe González-Gonzalez, Francisco Flores, Jose-Gerardo Cardona-T., Irma González, Piero Espino, Eugenia Olaguez, Hector Rendon, Jorge Chavoya, Alba-Liliana Valdes-Perea, María-Ines Álvarez, Joaquín Torres-Mata, Erik-Moises Betancourt-Nuñez, Sergio-Esteban Rodríguez-Ramírez, Miguel Álvarez-Gómez, Jesús Cabral-Araiza, Carlos Anguiano

Reflections on Educational Reforms in Latin America / 131


Vimbi P. Mahlangu

Pertinent Leadership and Governance Challenges Facing Schools in South Africa / 136


Part 4: Higher Education, Lifelong Learning & Social Inclusion


Peter Fenrich, Tim Carson & Mark Overgaard

Comparing Traditional Learning Materials with Those Created with Instructional Design and Universal Design for Learning Attributes: The Students’ Perspective / 143


Anna Mankowska

Studying Abroad: A Case Study of Chinese International Mobility / 150


Gordana Stankovska, Dimitar Dimitrovski, Slagana Angelkoska, Zebide Ibraimi & Valbona Uka

Emotional Intelligence, Test Anxiety and Academic Stress among University Students / 157


Part 5: Law and Education


Elizabeth Achinewhu-Nworgu

An Overview of Integrating Arts and Creative Practices to a Business Programme: QAHE in Partnership with Ulster & Northumbria Universities / 165


Queen Chioma Nworgu & Elizabeth Achinewhu-Nworgu

Cultural Challenges Facing Teachers Working with International Students – A Case Study of QAHE / 171


Zoltán Rónay

Centralizations and Autonomies: The Delimitation of Education by the Hungarian Government / 177


Sharon Thabo Mampane

Exploring the Practice of In Loco Parentis in Public Schools / 183


Tebogo Jillian Mampane

School Heads of Department’s Role in Ensuring Teacher Professional Development in Mathematics: The South African Context / 189


Shade Babalola

Inequalities within Nigeria’s Education System: A Focus on Secondary Schools in Lagos, Ondo State and Ogun State / 196


Omokaro Obire

State of Modern Education in Nigeria / 203


Part 6: Research Education & Research Practice


Jutta Ecarius

Wellbeing of Adolescents as a Requirement for Education in Late Modernity / 207


Louise Postma

Analyzing Discursive Interactions of South African Academics in an Online Forum through Young’s Communicative Model / 213


List of Contributors / 221




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