2019 Volume 17

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2019 Volume 17

Volume 17

Glocal Education in Practice:

Teaching, Researching, and Citizenship


ISSN 1314-4693 (print)

ISSN 2534-8426 (online)

ISBN 978-619-7326-07-9 (print)

ISBN 978-619-7326-08-6 (online)


Popov, N., Wolhuter, C., de Beer, L., Hilton, G., Ogunleye, J.,

Achinewhu-Nworgu, E., Niemczyk, E. (Eds.)


Quire format 70x100/16, Printed quires 15.5

Book size B5–ISO (17x24 cm)

Paperback, 248 pages

Published by BCES

Printed by Investpress

Sofia, Bulgaria

May 2019


Published online: 5 June 2019


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Title pages





Nikolay Popov

Glocal Education in the 2019 BCES Conference / 9



Ewelina K. Niemczyk

Glocal Education in Practice: Teaching, Researching, and Citizenship / 11


Part 1: Comparative and International Education & History of Education


Charl Wolhuter

Problematizing “Glocal” as a Catchword in Comparative and International Education / 19


Johannes L van der Walt

The Development of a ‘New’ Theory in Education: The Subsequent Steps / 25


Ferdinand J Potgieter

Towards a Narrative Vision for Philosophy of Education: Postmodernism, the Pilgrim and the Journey / 31


Mindora Otilia Simion & Teodora Genova

The Effectiveness of Task-based Language Teaching to ESP Bachelor Students at Two Universities in Bulgaria and Romania / 38


Daniella Coetzee

A Centralised Model for Design, Delivery and Governance of Open Distance Learning at Dual Mode Universities / 45


Marco Aurelio Navarro-Leal & Lidia Celia Colmenares-González

Exploring Teachers’ Notions of Global Citizenship Education in the US-Mexico Border / 51


Tao Xie, Lynette Jacobs & Marguerite Müller

The Experiences of East Asian Students Studying at English Medium Universities: A South African Case Study / 57


Mashraky Mustary

The Shadow Education System in Bangladesh: A Blessing or a Curse? / 64


Part 2: International Organizations and Education


Obed Mfum-Mensah

International Philanthropic Support for African Education: The Complex Interplay of Ideologies and Western Foreign Policy Agenda / 71


Gertrude Shotte

Changing Landscapes and Shifting Perspectives in a Glocalised Learning Environment / 78


Part 3: School Education: Policies, Innovations, Practices & Entrepreneurship


Gillian L. S. Hilton

Free Schools: The Way forward or a Mistake in the Provision of School Places and Educational Innovation in England / 87


Corene de Wet

Understanding Teacher-targeted Bullying: Commenters’ Views / 94


Tanjin Ashraf

Experiences and Impact: The Voices of Teachers on Math Education Reform in Ontario, Canada / 101


Vesselina Kachakova

The Role of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union for the Implementation of Glocal Education / 108


Vimbi Petrus Mahlangu

Education Capture: The Interference of Teacher Unions in the Schooling System in South Africa / 111


Matshediso Rebecca Modise

Pedagogical Leadership in Early Childhood Development: A Means for Quality Practices through Professional Training / 117


Part 4: Higher Education & Teacher Education and Training


Roy Y. Chan

Higher Education as a Field of Study: An Analysis of 495 Academic Programs, Research Centers, and Institutes across 48 Countries Worldwide / 124

Gordana Stankovska, Dimitar Dimitrovski, Imran Memedi & Zebide Ibraimi

Ethical Sensitivity and Global Competence among University Students / 132


Ruth Roux

Perspectives on Global Citizenship Education of Mexican University English Language Teachers / 139


Vusi S Mncube & Nicholas Lebopa

The Dynamics of Implementing Inclusive Education in Schools / 146


Reyna del Carmen Martínez Rodríguez, Lilia Benítez Corona & Alejandra Hernández Espinosa

Generic Competencies for Globalization from the Perspective of Engineering Students / 153


Claudio-Rafael Vasquez-Martinez et al.

Citizenship Education in the Information Age and Educational Reform in Latin America / 160


Part 5: Law and Education


Elizabeth Achinewhu-Nworgu

An Overview of Nigerian Education Law and Policy: A Case Study of University Admission Policy (JAMB) and Impact on Youth Educational Development / 167


Zoltán Rónay

Academic Freedom and Strong State Control: Two Samples to Illustrate the Consequences / 175


Chinuru Chituru Achinewhu & Aalonebari Joe Gabriel Gborogbosi

Deepening Citizens’ Right and Access to Competitive Higher Education in Nigeria: Research-informed Teaching in Perspective / 181


Queen Chioma Nworgu, Elizabeth Achinewhu-Nworgu & Rebecca Natrajan

Challenges of Combining Roles as an Educator and Entrepreneur: A Reflective Experience on Professional Development / 189


Matshediso Rebecca Modise

Supporting Culturally Diverse Early Childhood Centres in South African Townships / 196


Part 6: Research Education & Research Practice


Ondrej Papajoanu, Katerina Kralova, Hana Vonkova & Jiri Stipek

Examining the Assessment of Anchoring Vignettes in Different Information and Communication Technology Competence Domains: The Results of a Pilot Study Among Upper-Secondary Students / 203


Edina Kovács

The Effects of Gender on the Teachers’ Competences and Effectiveness / 210


Part 7: Thirty Years since the Fall of the Berlin Wall: Educational Reforms Worldwide


Charl Wolhuter, Mirna Nel, Rimantas Želvys & Stefanja Alisauskiene

Teacher Education in a Post-1989 World: A Comparison between Lithuania and South Africa: Global Isomorphism, Regional Hegemony/Homogeny, or Resilient Local Context? / 216


Johannes L van der Walt

The Collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989: A Historical Turning Point for South Africa, with Reference to Religion / Religious Education / 223


Arber Salihu, Dren Terziqi & Eugene C. Schaffer

Kosovo Education in the 21st Century: A Challenging Future / 230


Zoltán Rónay

The Rise and Fall of Autonomy. The Last Thirty Years of Hungarian Higher Education / 238


List of Contributors / 244


BCES Conference Books / 247

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